amurcon-home-pageMulti-site engagement quarterbacks brand strategy

  • Brand redevelopment
  • Multi-site platform
  • Information architecture
  • Corporate to residential site integration
  • Business automation system
  • Strategic messaging and content
  • Cost-effective development model
  • Content Management System
  • Multi-segment analytics

Working with powerhouse Amurcon Realty, KM constructed an ambitious strategy to establish the brand as a leading property management corporation across the Mid-Atlantic region. Our objective was to build a digital portal to maximize growth and translate the Amurcon brand into compelling customer experiences. A responsive, multi-site design features more than 40 properties, connecting the corporate hub to individual properties and residents. To retain client engagement, we developed a logical business automation system to facilitate online payments, service requests, residential classifieds and an array of resources to support a flourishing business model. At the end of the day, a brand narrative of comfort, caring and affordability informs the user experience and effectively positions Amurcon as a leader in their market. The result is a durable site hierarchy that functions as an integral business component, and a complex backend infrastructure to meet internal business requirements, maximize performance, and nurture decisive SEO visibility.

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